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Because you run YOUR business

Not a delivery business.
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How Does It Work

Take the order

The customer places the order over
the phone or online in the usual way.

Prepare the order

The vendor does what they
do best and prepares the order.


A Road Runner picks up the order
and drops it off to the customer.

Order Tracking

We know that your business is all about pleasing your customers. Our order tracking helps you set accurate expectations and keeps the customer updated on the progress of their delivery. The result? Fewer phone calls, happier customers, and repeat order growth.


You Shouldn’t Have To Pay High Commissions for Delivery

Technology and Drivers


Delivery Fulfillment


Vendors that participate in the Roadrunnerz program can save hundreds per week compared to staffing their own drivers.  Not only do you save on payroll, but on taxes, insurance and most importantly, time.  Don’t stress over scheduling or recruiting drivers.  Keep doing what you do best, marketing and running your business, let us handle the deliveries!

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